The Shadow – Fume Extraction Wherever You Need It

When you have workers exposed to weld smoke, you need some type of fume extraction to protect them. But what if:

  • Your workplace is too small for a full-sized dust and fume collector?
  • You don’t have enough welders to require a large fume extraction system?
  • You have intermittent welding?
  • You need a system that is portable?

A portable fume extraction system can provide the ideal solution. It is important to know, however, that not all portable fume extraction systems are the same.

A Solution Specially Designed for Welding and Metalworking

The SHADOW portable fume extraction system offers many features perfectly suited for welding and metalworking applications.

  • Choices of fume arms so you can choose the one that’s the perfect fit
  • Compressed air pulse cleaning keeps your filter working without you having to think about it
  • The easiest filter change in a portable collector

You can count on Cardinal Air as your fume extraction specialist and source for the SHADOW portable fume extraction system.

Tell Us About Your Project

  • SHADOW Portable Fume Extraction Systems
        • No-Tool Filter Change
        • Self-Cleaning Filter
        • MERV 15 DeltaMAXX™ Nanofiber Filter
        • Powder Coated Steel Finish
        • Integrated Spark Arrestor
        • 10’ Adjustable Fume Arm With No Internal Components
        • Push Button Starter With a 12’ Cord That Plugs Into Any Standard 120 Volt Power Source
        • Easily Transportable For Maximum Fume Capture
        • Meets OSHA Standards For Controlling Weld Fumes
        • Quiet Operation
        • Hepa Filter
        • Legs and Hopper
        • Carbon Filter
        • Deltamaxx Spunbond Filter
        • Custom Cord Length
        • Tool Tray
        • Depth:   46.25”
        • Width:   28”
        • Height:  68.25”
        • Height with 10 ft. fume arm attached:  94.75″
        • Weight:  415 lbs