Surpassing the Standard in Dust Collectors

The Cardinal Air commitment to delivering dependable air quality solutions begins with specifying equipment that does not just meet, but surpasses standard industry expectations. That is why we partner with Imperial Systems for the equipment we use in designing our dust collection systems. With over a decade of experience in developing dust collection systems, Imperial dust collectors are the most rugged and dependable designs we have found. That’s why Imperial CMAXX collectors provide the heart of our heavy-duty dust collection systems.

Imperial Dust Collectors – Better by Design

In terms of dependability, lasting performance, and rugged durability, Imperial Systems equipment is in a class of its own. Built from heavy gauge materials, these collectors feature “outdoor-duty” rated construction that stands up in the most challenging environments. Imperial’s innovative design features offer distinct advantages:

  • Solid One-Piece Roof – no individual panels means no warping or leaks
  • Domed Design – shape promotes water/debris run-off, no damaging accumulation
  • No External Bolt Holes – completely sealed design eliminated leak and rust issues
  • Heavy Duty Construction – fully welded, 3/16” thick reinforced roof

Discover the Advantages of Vertical Filter Dust Collectors

When it comes to the design of dust collectors, vertical filter configuration offers distinct advantages over standard horizontal filter designs. A key advantage of the vertical filter approach include the elimination of dust and debris build up on the top of the filter, which is common in horizontal filter dust collectors. Vertically mounted filters do not collect excessive dust on any one side, making them easier to clean and longer lasting.

When it comes to designing reliable, long-lasting dust collection systems there is simply no better choice than Cardinal Air and Imperial Systems.

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Dust Collectors

  • Imperial Systems CMAXX
    • CMAXX Dust and Fume Cartridge Collector

        • Energy efficient – High-Performance manifold mounted pulse valves
        • Tool-free heavy duty service door – Less service time
        • Extreme heavy duty – 7 & 10 gauge construction; 3/16” tube steel
        • Vertical cartridge design – Longer filter life
        • Domed roof design – 3/16” thick domed roof promotes water and debris run off
        • Best in class – Internal velocities are 20% lower
        • Modular design – No external bolt holes; less chance for water & air leaks
        • Military grade door latches – No truck trailer hardware; maintenance free
        • Expandable – For future growth
        • Factory assembled air header and top design
        • No internal flame on dirty air plenum – Fewer internal ledges for build-up
        • Space saving low profile design – Small footprint
        • Recycling
        • Agriculture
        • Woodworking
        • Welding
        • CNC plasma/laser cutting
        • Mining
        • Biofuels
        • Food processing
        • Chemical processing
        • Paper scrap
  • Superior SDC2 Two Cartridge
        • Built-in abrasive inlet – No need for an expensive add on
        • Heavy duty construction – 7, 10 & 12 gauge construction
        • Vertical cartridge design – Longer filter life
        • High capacity duty trays or 30 gallon drum kit available
        • Built-in magnehelic gauge – Alerts operator when filter change is needed
        • 99.99% efficiency – Latest Nanofiber technology
        • Space saving – Low profile design; Small footprint
        • Footprint – 20″W x 40″ D” x90″ T
        • Filtration – 2 ea. 250 SF High Efficiency FR Cartridge Filters
        • Maximum CFM – 1500 CFM
        • Motor/Blower – 3 HP Direct Drive Standard / 5HP Optional
        • Voltage – 208/230 or 460V 3 phase
        • Weight – 800 lbs
        • Controls – Starter/Overload prewired with on/off pushbutton. Pulse controls (timer board) prewired.
        • Cabinet/Finish – 12 g welded steel finished w/ industrial grey powder coat
        • Plasma/Laser
        • Welding
        • Cutting
        • Buffing
        • Polishing
        • Grinding
        • Pharma
        • Wood Chips
        • Blasting
  • Superior Air Solobox
    • Solobox Dust CollectorFEATURES
        • High volume capture of contaminants
        • Easy wall mounting brackets built in
        • OSHA compliant for combustible dust applications
        • Under 8 cubic foot – no added cost of explosion venting required
        • Nano fiber fire retardant cartridge filters
        • Self-cleaning power pulse for long filter life intervals
        • Footprint – 24″W x 25 1/2 “L x 37 1/2” T
        • Filtration – 1 ea. Nanofiber FR Cartridges
        • Maximum CFM – 700 CFM
        • Motor/Blower – 1 HP, 120 V plug in
        • Weight – 140 lbs
        • Cabinet/Finish – 12 Gauge – Acrylic Blue
        • Exhaust – Top upblast
        • Fan – Direct drive
        • Fume Extraction
        • Welding Smoke Collection
        • Odor Control
        • Capture any dry dust or powder