We recently worked with a company whose process involved metal printing. If you’re familiar with metal printing, you know that it gives off an offensive odor, especially in a smaller room. We were dealing with two of the same printers in an enclosed area with air conditioning being the only form of air circulation. We … Continued

Companies hold responsibility for their air pollution control and management. The EPA lists its “Big Six” air pollutants. Above all, the two of these that concern our customers the most are lead and other particulate matter. This can include many kinds of industrial air pollution. The EPA certainly enforces limitations on these. In addition to the … Continued

About The School Located in northern Texas, the Community College offers comprehensive two-year educational programs – including a welding technology program. The school offers Associate of Art, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science Degrees. Challenge: The Welding Technology Program was interested in more cost effective cartridge filters for their Lincoln Statiflex 6000 dust … Continued

When talking about dust and fume collection systems, we often discuss OSHA regulations for exposure inside the building. However, EPA regulations on dust and fume control limit what can be released into the environment. Air quality control inside a facility protects worker health. It also protects the facility from combustible dust hazards. The same hazardous … Continued

The history of dust collection begins with a problem that needed to be solved. It was the early 1800’s in Pittsburgh, PA. Sulfur and other fumes from burning bituminous coal covered the city with some of the worst smoke pollution in the country. Pittsburghers were used to constantly cleaning the black dust off everything, even … Continued

    The dust level sensor from Imperial Systems makes it safe and convenient to monitor dust collection containers. The sensor uses a signal to detect the level of dust inside the container. When it detects that a container is full, a light on the sensor indicates which container needs to be changed out. The … Continued